Welcome to our Blog

Jan 19, 2015, By: Audrey

Welcome to our blog. This is the second (third? fourth?) time we’ve attempted to blog about our life and ministry in Japan. I make no promises about the quality or consistency of our postings. But we’re gonna try. And I hope you’ll visit us from time to time and try to envision both the minutiae and consequential goings-on of our cross-cultural existence.

Actually, I’ve been looking forward to the relaunch of the blog for some time now. On my phone, I keep a running list of ideas of what to write about in our newsletter and/or on our blog (even though the blog has been heretofore rather theoretical). Events, ministry experiences, culture and language, our kids, or recently read articles about Japan or missions in general might make good fodder for communicating with our family, friends, ministry partners, and other readers. Knowing what a sieve my brain is these days, I can’t trust myself to remember later. So I quickly add a line at the top of the note (who has time to scroll all the way to the bottom?) and move on with my day, knowing I can come back to it later.

Sometimes the ideas get dated, and it doesn’t seem to make sense to write about them anymore. (Do you really want to read about the festival we went to five months ago? Or the language challenges we faced a year ago?) Other times, I end up recording the same idea more than once. The list gets long, and I often neglect to scroll and skim before noting a new idea. Later, when I’m reading through potential topics, I discover I’ve made several reminders to myself to write about a given subject. (I guess I really want to write about the differences between learning French in college and learning Japanese. I’ve added it to my list three times!)

So as we get rolling with the reboot of, I’ll give it my best to publish new content with some regularity. You may get a few of those catch-up posts, chronicling happenings from awhile back as well as more recent adventures and musings. If you have comments, feedback, or requests (!), let me know!

Gambaro! (Here we go!)