Storying Creation

Mar 24, 2015, By: Audrey

In the beginning, the plan for Children’s Message was formless and void. A deadline loomed over the brainstorming. Then Evan said, “Let there be story-telling” and there was a plan and it was good. And there was evening and there was morning, Monday.

Then Evan said, “Let there be an expanse between the children and their mother, so that she can have extra time to work on her Creation story script.” And Audrey said, “And let us separate Genesis 1:1–26 from Genesis 1:27–2:3.” And it was so. The first half she called “Background Information” and the second half she called “Today’s Story.” And it was good. And there was evening and there was morning, Tuesday.

Then Audrey said, “Let us gather together some Japanese Bible story sources written in conversational Japanese. And let a script appear that is easily learned and understood.” And she used Gus’s Japanese/English kids’ Bible and the Japanese Living Bible to pull together a script. And it was good. And there was evening and there was morning, Wednesday.

And Audrey said, “Let there be a light above me so I can read and re-read this story and commit it to memory.” So Evan turned on the living room light so she could see. And a lesser light shone from the computer as the introduction and follow-up questions were checked and corrected on The script became clearer, and it was good. And there was evening and there was morning, Thursday.

And Audrey said, “Lord, let the street in front of my house teem with neighbors, that I might practice sharing this story.” And behold, the neighbors on both sides came out to play. And Audrey told of the creation of animals who wriggle and fly, filling seas and sky. Three times, to three people, she told the Creation story.

One woman went into her home and came back out with a Bible her son had gotten when he attended a Christian university. Audrey showed her where to read the story for herself and check the telling of it.

Upon hearing the whole story, another neighbor responded, “So that’s why we work six days a week and have Sundays off. God made a day for us to rest.”

And Audrey promised each of them that next month, she would tell them a story that explains why things are broken in the world. And she thanked them for the opportunity to practice, for it had been good. And there was evening and there was morning, Friday.

And Evan said, “Let us not forget that today I have to attend an all-day regional church association meeting.” So Audrey and the children played together, pretending to be wild animals or drawing pictures of livestock. And they had a good time.

Finally, Evan and Audrey were tired. They said, “And now, let us watch a movie in our own language. In English, let us watch something.” So they watched a movie in English, and it was good. They looked at all the preparations they had made for church, and they seemed very good. And there was evening, and there was morning, Saturday.

Thus the preparation for the Children’s Message was completed. On the seventh day, Audrey finished the work of preparation and delivered the Creation story in front of the congregation. And God blessed the telling of the story by calming Audrey’s nerves, helping her remember the script, and causing the church members to respond well to the follow-up questions.

Then Evan and Audrey rested from the work of story telling because it was Sunday, a day for rest. And they were grateful to the Lord for His enabling, and to all who prayed and encouraged them in these first steps. May God’s story bring Him glory!

Hasuda Church Sanctuary

Hasuda Church sanctuary, ready for Audrey’s storying debut.