Taiwan Training, Day 3: Dumplings & Metaphors

Mar 05, 2015, By: Audrey

I had dumplings for dinner last night. And for lunch today. And a few more for dinner tonight. I’ll probably skip them for breakfast, but I’m open to eating them for lunch tomorrow, too. Yummmmm.

My favorite exercise today was listing the ways the Bible describes salvation. What metaphors, illustrations, and concepts help us grasp the amazing transaction that take place when someone repents and puts their faith in Jesus?

  • liberation from slavery
  • crossing from death to life
  • adoption into God’s family
  • reconciliation
  • rebirth
  • cleansing, purification, made clean
  • new citizenship
  • new identity
  • grafted into the true vine
  • restoration / being made whole
  • crossing from darkness to light
  • rescued, saved
  • forgiveness
  • renewal
  • old has gone; new has come

What is your favorite way to explain to a non-Christian what it means to become a Christian?


Dumplings! I forgot to take a picture until I’d eaten almost all of my soft dumplings. Pan-fried or water-cooked, they’re delicious!