Zucchini Dreams

May 06, 2015, By: Audrey

Zounds! Ze zucchini plantz zeem to get zturdier all ze time!

Pardon my zilliness. I’m so excited to watch my little zucchini babies growing bigger and leafier every day. I’ve always wanted a vegetable garden, and this year we finally have the time and space!

Zucchini seedlings

Evan searched all over Hasuda for zucchini seedlings, but found none. So he bought seeds and we started six little pots of 2-3 seeds each on top of our fridge. When they got big enough, we transferred the four hardiest-looking upstarts to our tiny (2’x7’) garden plot. Come July, we should be harvesting green and yellow zucchini, and hopefully spaghetti squash, too. (In Japanese, “spaghetti squash” is “noodle pumpkin.”)

The kids are great at helping me water the garden, which also includes a couple mini yellow tomato plants. There don’t seem to be many bees in our area, so I may end up hand-pollinating once we see some blooms.

I have zucchini dreams. I’m dreaming of trying my hand at “zoodles” and zucchini bread. I’m dreaming of sharing a bountiful harvest with our neighbors. I’m dreaming of inviting people over to try spaghetti squash and hear a Bible story or two for the first time.

Every day I weed around my squash babies and whisper to their leaves, “Grow big! Grow strong! Make lots of zucchinis! Let’s share our harvest and our hope with our community.”

Hope to share stories and pics of an abundant yield in a couple months!


Elsa, hard at work preparing the garden plot for zucchini.