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How do you make a living while you’re a missionary in Japan?

The faithful financial support of our ministry partners make it possible for us to live and serve in Japan. Individuals, families, and churches support us through by giving to our account at our mission agency, OMF International.

Aren’t you part of a mission agency? Don’t they pay your salary?

Being a part of OMF International means we work together toward a common vision with our fellow OMFers. The OMF U.S. office provides logistical support including accounting, newsletter distribution, homeside member care, etc. OMF Japan’s role includes strategy, fieldside member care, networking, and more. But no, neither Home (U.S.) nor Field (Japan) provides salary.

Ok, so what is a “ministry partner”?

Our ministry partners are indispensable to the work here. They send us as Christ’s ambassadors (2 Cor 5:20) to carry the Good News to Japan. They provide not only the funds necessary for us to live and serve, they also provide the essential prayer cover that makes life and service possible. We are not doing this work alone. We see evidence of our ministry partners’ involvement as we’re able to secure housing and other life necessities, make contacts, learn language, and share the gospel.

Every train ticket, bowl of rice, and cup of tea we buy: all are made possible by our ministry partners’ giving. Every person who shares their struggles with us, every child with whom we share a Bible story, every neighbor who extends a warm welcome to us even through we’re foreigners: all are made possible by our ministry partners’ praying.

Who are your ministry partners?

Some are family, some are friends we’ve known a long time. Many are brothers and sisters in Christ we’ve met only once or a handful of times. Some we’ve never met in person. They are mostly in the United States, but some live abroad. We are partnered with small, medium, and large churches. We are prayed for in fellowship groups, as “missionaries of the week” in worship services, around dinner tables, and in personal quiet times. Many partners have committed to giving sacrificially and regularly (monthly/quarterly/annually) so that we can count on the income. Some give occasionally, as the Lord enables them. We trust the Lord to provide everything we need, and He uses his people to see the Kingdom of God advance.

Do ministry partners do anything else?

Yes! Some keep in touch regularly via email, letting us know they’re praying for us and asking for specific requests. Some send cards or letters or care packages. We would love to receive visitors so we can share our lives and ministry in person. We will need to count on our ministry partners’ help with family logistics and opportunities to share when we are in the U.S. for home assignment. There are many many ways for ministry partners to get involved and support the work the Lord has given us in Japan.

What do you do for your ministry partners?

Well, we try to keep in touch as much as possible. We send almost-monthly newsletters via snail mail and email (partner’s preference). We pray for our partners, especially when we know of specific needs. And we are very excited to see many of our partners face-to-face during our one-year home assignment starting in 2016.

How can I become a ministry partner?

Sign up at

I’m not sure I want to commit to being a “ministry partner.” Can I still get your email updates?

Of course! Just e-mail us.

If I want to support you financially, how long is my commitment?

We ask you to commit through the end of each term, which is usually four years on the field (Japan), followed by one year of home assignment. If the Lord leads, we would welcome the extension of your commitment for the next term at that time.

Can I give online? Can I give through automatic bank withdrawal / EFT (electronic funds transfer)?

Yes. Please see the information on OMF’s website regarding automatic bank transfers and online bill pay. If you have trouble or questions, let us know at: